Senate Commerce tees up future of video hearing


Jay RockefellerIt has come to the attention of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) that America’s video viewing habits are in flux and that more and more viewing is taking place via streaming on the internet. And he’s doing what any Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee might do – he’s scheduling a hearing on the topic.

The session is entitled “The Emergence of Online Video: Is It The Future?” and it’s on the schedule for Tuesday 4/24/12 at 10AM.

“It will explore the migration of viewing from traditional television to Internet and broadband-enabled video content,” stated a release explaining the topic. “It will examine the role that disruptive technologies play in facilitating this transition, and the business and legal models that foster the growth of this sector.”

Rockefeller said, “Everything about television is changing. People are watching all sorts of programs on an assortment of platforms, at different times of the day or night and without the traditional boundaries of television channels. The digital age is fusing the television screen with the computer screen and it’s important to explore this topic. I want to focus this hearing on what these changes mean for consumers, especially in rural areas, and if this evolution of video can bring them higher quality content at lower rates.”