Senior Radio, Television CPB Executives to Retire


cpbThe Corporation for Public Broadcasting is losing two broadcast executives to retirement in 2016.

Jennifer Lawson, senior vice president for Television & Digital Content, and Bruce Theriault, senior vice president for Journalism and Radio, will retire in May.

Joseph Tovares, senior vice president for Diversity and Innovation, will become Chief Content Officer with the goal of strengthening coordination and collaboration across television, radio, diversity and innovation. Tavares came to CBP seven years ago from WGBH Boston, where he was part of the editorial team for several programs. He began his career at Kentucky Educational Television and later worked at KLRU in Austin and KLRN in San Antonio.

Before coming to CBP, Lawson was general manager/CEO of Howard University Television WHUT, Washington, DC and as executive vice president of Programming & Promotion Services at PBS.

Before CPB, Theriault was a senior vice president at Public Radio International, co-managing director at Public Radio Capital (now PMC), general manager at stations in Alaska, and co-founding president of Alaska Public Radio Network. He also helped establish and chaired the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.