SESAC, ReachPeople program benefits licensees


SESAC, Inc.SESAC and ReachPeople, an online provider of customer engagement software for restaurants, bars, retail stores, and other businesses, announced an added value initiative. The ReachPeople platform offers a tool that combines the power of email marketing, SMS texting, and voice broadcast marketing, all in one place. A special 90-day introductory package is now available to SESAC licensees free of charge.

The package includes a premium 90-day subscription, unlimited email marketing campaigns and 700 free message credits. “SESAC is committed to providing our Licensees innovative resources and services that will contribute to their success” said Gregory Riggle, SESAC’s Vice President of Industry Relations & Business Communication. “Licensees that participate will have the opportunity to better engage customers and grow revenue as a result.  We’re also excited about SESAC’s touring Bands and Singer/Songwriters using the ReachPeople platform to engage fans and increase show attendance in local venues.