Session takes on future of radio content


Mark RamseyIt is the belief of radio deep thinker Mark Ramsey that quality content is the key to radio’s survival in the new millennium, and he has assembled a roster of other thinkers to address that issue. The event is called hivio and it can be witnessed on an internet monitor near you.

Ramsey told RBR-TVBR, “It’s time for radio to banish its blinders and see the world the way people outside radio see that world. That’s who we distinguish opportunities from talking points. Never has the time been more right for content-based ideas for the evolving radio space and the millions of consumers whose attention to radio is, at this very moment, at risk.”

To provide the necessary perspective, hivio’s stable of experts are all from outside the radio arena. They will be discussing radio, the larger audio space and “the central role of quality content in its future.” The name of the event refers to hive, as in the hive of talent that will be considering radio’s challenges.

The event is scheduled for 6/20/13, but space is lilmited. However, anybody who wishes to tune in can do so via the internet. Information is available at

Here’s the hivio agenda, including panelists, topics and times.
* Mark Ramsey Event introduction – Radio’s Attention Crisis 8:30 – 8:55
* Samantha Migdal – UBER Introduction 8:55 – 9
* Chad Robley, CEO of Digital Agency, at the forefront of the digital-first revolution Q&A – 9 – 9:45
15 minute BREAK
* Michael Warburton, Brand Manager of San Diego Zoo Global, a world-class brand Q&A – 10 – 10:45
* Bryce Clemmer, Founder of, Video for Radio (Presentation) 10:45 – 11:15
* Gabriela D’Addario and Maggie Ferrante from Google (Presentation) 11:15 – Noon
60 Minute Lunch BREAK
* Tom Conrad, CTO of – Q&A 1 – 2PM
* Mike Hodges, President and COO at U-T San Diego, one of Southern California’s largest cross-platform media companies Q&A 2 – 2:45
15 minute BREAK
* Jean-Francois Gadoury, CTO of Triton Digital Presentation 3 – 3:30
* Gary Kramer, founder of National Comedy Theatre – Improv for radio talent – Q&A and demo! 3:30 – 4:15
* Sandy Hurst, COO of SoCastSRM – Radio’s social media revolution (Presentation) 4:15 – 4:45
* Mark Ramsey Event wrapup 4:45 – 5