Seth Godin on new ways to market


The Internet and other new ways to communicate have opened up new ways to reach potential customers. And while some may view him as the enemy of what he calls the “TV-industrial complex,” best-selling author Seth Godin has some valuable insights that broadcasters should be able to use to move beyond the spot mentality in creating marketing campaigns for their clients and themselves.

The video below is of Godin speaking to the O’Reilly TOC (Tools of Change for Publishing) conference last year, but the points he makes are equally valid today. O’Reilly Media, like RBR-TVBR, is indexed by EIN News.

Godin is credited with inventing the concept of “permission marketing.” While he characterizes radio and TV spots as “interruption marketing,” what he seeks with permission marketing is for a business to give the consumer something for free – a sample or something else of value – and in return receive permission to market to them within the realm of something they are likely to be interested in.

Sit back when you have some time to allot to this and listen to what Godin has to say.