Seven secrets of great advertising


Most advertising professionals know what makes great advertising. But they work in a volatile business and are generally afraid to talk about it — so they keep it a secret. Whether they are employed in corporate marketing departments or in advertising agencies, the risk is great. "They could get fired if they do something
outrageous and it fails," according to John Howlett, President of advertising and marketing consultancy Aviza. "On the positive side, advertising professionals can also get promoted for exhibiting marketing genius! They could do this by developing brilliant ideas that help catapult their company's business."

Here are his seven simple secrets to get to great advertising

1) Be Honest …  Avis car rental did it fifty years ago by admitting "We Try Harder" because we're number two.

2) Take a Stand … BMW "Ultimate Driving Machine" then delivered on the proposition with divine design and precision performance.

3) Customer Service … Commerce Bank, Convenient banking. Open Sundays. Wow!  Number one in JD Power's Customer satisfaction.

4) Have Personality … Target Stores. The mass merchandiser makes it hip, cool and trendy to shop.

5) Sell Benefits … Seattle's best coffee. They put the benefit in their name. A great strategy.

6) Focus on Strength … Verizon with "can you hear me now" focused on superior cell tower distribution. Their strength vs. the competitor's weakness.

7) Be Thankful … In a commoditized world the customer can buy from anyone, including your biggest competitor.