Several chapters in this church story


The baseline of this item is that the CP for KHOI-FM in Story City IA is going from Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames to Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting Inc. How the two organizations got to this point is a little bit complicated, but is also a tribute to the spirit of cooperation.

First things first, though. MICB will pay $4K in a settlement deal for KHOI, which will be a Class A on 88.3 MHz with 1.9 kw @ 230’.

Before that happens, however, MICB will pull the plug on an application it has in the hopper for a new FM in Gilbert IA.

Here’s what UUFA gets out of the deal, besides the aforementioned $4K. It will be able to proceed with its application for yet another FM in Story City. It has agreed to modify that application to make sure there are no other conflicts with any other stations in the area.

UUFA is headed by Janet E. Klaas; MICB is headed by Maurice Eugene Schwen.