Seyler accepts RBR-TVBR Editor-in-Chief duties


Senior Editor Dave Seyler has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief of all RBR-TVBR editorial products, including the AM Report, PM Report, the Daily Tip and the Media Information Bureau. His 20-year career with RBR-TVBR began with the creation of the RBR Source Guide and Directory, while writing headlines and a few news stories on the side. Seyler eventually slid over to the reporting side full time (partly because the Source Guide began to closely resemble the Clear Channel station portfolio), including a run as Managing Editor of the weekly print version back in the days when the company was still killing trees and using stamps. He will assume ultimate responsibility for RBR-TVBR content and make sure RBR’s sales, administrative and editorial departments are in synch and in line with the goals of Publisher Jim Carnegie.