Sharpton has some advice for Imus, should he return


The Rev. Al Sharpton has said he won’t object if Don Imus returns to radio, and offered some advice for him if he does. In a guest column in Sunday’s NY Daily News, "Musts for Imus," Sharpton wrote he should commit in his contract to forego any racist, sexist or homophobic comments; set aside time weekly to talk on-air with an ombudsman; settle the lawsuit filed by a member of the Rutgers Women’s basketball team and join Sharpton’s crusade to rid rap and other music of racist and sexist language.

"If and when Imus gets back in the broadcasting booth, each of us will have to judge for ourselves whether his apologies were an attempt to keep his job or whether he sincerely wanted to uphold standards that would respect all people," wrote Sharpton.

Imus and CBS Radio agreed to a settlement last week that stopped his threatened 120 million breach of contract suit.