Sheen calls Wired 96.5 Philadelphia–twice (Video)


Charlie Sheen continued his media blitz on Beasley’s WRDW-FM Wired 96.5 Philadelphia 3/3. He called the station that night after the station caught his attention: PD “Kannon” came up with the idea to rent a plane and fly a banner over Sheen’s Beverly Hills residence. The banner said “Wired 96.5 and Philly loves you, we have your next role. Please call us.”

Indeed, the banner prompted Sheen to call, and engaged in a bizarre yet undeniably entertaining interview, which has become the norm for the actor of late. Sheen spoke on his dispute with the creators of his hit show “Two and a Half Men,” and told the station: “I’m deeply flattered, you guys are radicals…I came outside and said ‘what’s all that noise?,’ this amateur pilot is stuck in a circle.”

Sheen called Wired 96.5 around 20 minutes after spotting the plane, according to NBC Philadelphia.

As fun as it was, however, the call may have violated terms of the custody arrangement he reached with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, according to TMZ.

“The thing today, we reached a deal,” said Sheen. “I can’t talk or say what it is obviously, but there’s no court Monday.”

“He wants to talk and we’re going to give him a chance to talk,” said Wired morning man Chio Acosta.

Sheen spoke the station for a second time 3/4 at 9 a.m. This time, he spoke about a new understanding with CBS about Two and a Half Men. When asked if he thinks he’ll have a new deal soon with CBS regarding the show, “Of course, I do…It’s fine. We’re going to work it all out…Absolutely the deal’s coming back…I see us back on the air, with a few adjustments and giving the people not only what they want, but what they deserve.”

He also said the rumors of an imminent arrest were based on a big misunderstanding: He added more about his ex-wife. The news about police coming to his house had to do with the custody agreement. “We reached a deal, but I can’t say what it is,” he said, and her lawyers decided to use “cops as delivery people.”

About setting a new record for accumulating followers on Twitter – 1 million in 25 hours – he said, “I was really impressed. I was really, really flattered.”

He also talked with Chio about being happy about the direction of his life, reported “It feels like the worm’s turning…It feels like the hot springs of Middle Earth is finally ready to explode outward.”

Charlie Sheen Insists He’ll Return To ‘Men’:

RBR-TVBR observation: Sheen really knows how to work the media. It’s as if his character on the show transitions into his real life. He’s funny and entertaining. Wired 96.5 won the radio prize, but other stations have been trying too. Alpha Broadcasting’s KUFO Portland offered him a radio show; Des Moines Radio Group’s Lazer 103.3 offered Sheen to join them on the Morning Show 5/15 for their “Lazerfest” event.