Sheldon on Campbell


It was with initial disdain that I read Mr.. Campbell’s bitter old opinion in Tuesdays RBR. Then after further thought I felt rather sorry for him. Here is someone who appears to have been quite successful in his radio career yet has had that beaten out of him. With the passion that Mr. Campbell speaks against radio, he could have used that for good, influencing changes in his marketplace and station. Radio is much more then ten in a row and today’s best country. It’s about affecting the lives of our listeners, and our clients in a positive way. No other media in America can reach right to the listener and client and make the bond that radio can.

When a client invests with our stations, the ripple effect is much larger than we give credit. We won’t just run his schedule. We will bring business to his door. Which in turn will allow him to make more money, pay his employees a higher wage and reinvest in his company. His employees are then able to do the things they wish in their lives. When a client invests in our stations, we in turn are able to not only do the same but make our community a better place to live with the many charitable events that only radio does. How many events do other media do in a year? I will put any radio station against other media when it comes to leaving a better foot print in the towns we call home.

When we stop beating on each other and reading our own obituaries and realize that it’s not about me, it’s about the client (whether that’s main street or our listeners) then revenue will take care of itself.

Tom Sheldon CRMC

Director of Programming 96.1 KSTR

Grand Junction, CO