Shell 2008 “Passionate Experts” campaign includes radio


Building off the momentum of 2007, the Shell "Stop Gunky Build-up" campaign featuring the Shell Passionate Experts will continue in 2008 with a continued focus on the company’s commitment to fuel quality. Like last year, the campaign will center around the desire to help consumers stop the build-up of engine gunk on their vehicles’ critical engine parts. In 2008, Shell will continue the current TV commercials in addition to welcoming new TV spots featuring the Passionate Experts and Kevin Harvick. TV advertising will run on network TV and national cable networks throughout the year starting in January.

Shell will also employ radio advertising, outdoor billboards, a new online campaign, enhanced POP materials and new promotions. All marketing components will reinforce last year’s Passionate Experts program and educate motorists that "All Gasolines are not the Same."

Kicking off 2008 will be the "Un-Gunk Your Car" promotion, which will aim to drive traffic to Shell stations and inside convenience stores. From 2/11 through 3/30, Shell customers who purchase a minimum of 10-gallons of gasoline will receive one free microfiber cleaning cloth formulated to help "un-gunk" the interior of their car. It’ll be supported with national TV, online and POP materials.