Shenandoah AM headed for new owner


The more famous Shenandoah is located in Virginia – specifically, it’s a river that also gives its name to various other geographic features. But the name is also used for a town in Texas, and it is that one that is playing host to a newly filed radio transaction.

The station is KRCM-AM, and it is currently listed as licensed-but-silent in the FCC database.

It’s being bought by DAIJ Media, headed by Roberto and Ruben Villarreal. According to Jody McCoy of Media Services Group, they’ll pay Ralph McBride’s Voice Broadcasting $575K for the station.

The relatively high price is explained by the location of Shenandoah, just north of Houston. Although as currently licensed, the station basically is local to Shenandoah, putting only its fringe signal over the metropolitan area from its 1380 kHz dial position, it holds a CP to up the daytime power from 250 W to 2.8 kW. At night, it will still be a Shenandoah station, actually dropping slightly from 69 W to 60 W.

The buyers are requesting an 18 month extension of the CP from the FCC – a request usually made when a new and unbuilt station is the subject of an acquisition.

The station was originally headed for Beaumont TX, and in December of 2002 McBride and his partners acquired it as a CP for $255K.