Shoppers Say Legislation Costs Too Much


Slow Down and Get it Done Right
Kohl’s shoppers (48.1%) are most likely to disapprove of the proposed healthcare reform legislation, according to a new analysis of five key retailers (Walmart, Target, Macy’s JCPenney and Kohl’s), conducted by BIGresearch of its August Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey (N=8543). JCPenney (44.3%) and Walmart (43.5%) shoppers round out the top three, but shoppers of all the retailers profiled are more likely to disapprove than approve of the proposed reform.

How do you feel about President Obama’s proposed healthcare reform legislation?

               All              Walmart     Target           Macy’s         JCPenney    Kohl’s
            Adults 18+  Shoppers    Shoppers    Shoppers    Shoppers    Shoppers
Approve     28.7%       26.3%       31.1%       37.0%       29.4%       24.9%
Disapprove  41.9%       43.5%       38.0%       41.1%       44.3%       48.1%
Don’t know  29.5%       30.3%       31.0%       21.9%       26.3%       27.0%

Source: BIGresearch, CIA-Aug 09

“It’s not surprising that Kohl’s, JCPenney and Walmart shoppers disapprove of Obama’s proposed healthcare reform as these voter groups were more likely to support McCain in the ’08 election,” said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. “What is of interest is that 38% of Target shoppers and 41% of Macy’s shoppers (voters who leaned towards Obama) aren’t on board with the legislation, indicating there may be some dissension in the President’s supporters.”

Out of the five retailers profiled, Kohl’s shoppers are also most likely to think the proposed legislation is too costly at 56.2%, followed by JC Penney (52.5%) and Macy’s shoppers (51.5%). A majority (51.3%) of Walmart shoppers agree, as do 47.4% of Target shoppers. On the flip side, Macy’s shoppers (23.5%) are most likely to believe the reform is not too expensive, trailed by Target (21.4%) and JC Penney shoppers (20.2%).

An overwhelming majority across the board think leaders in Washington need to slow the legislation down to make sure its done right. Kohl’s shoppers agree most in this case as well with three-fourths (75.9%) of them saying so. 73.3% of JC Penney shoppers and 70.8% of Walmart shoppers agree. 

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