Shopping becoming a habit for mobile users


According to a new Prosper Mobile Insights report, almost nine in ten users of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets use them for shopping purposes at least occasionally, and almost two thirds at least occasionally use them to make actual purchases.

The actual numbers: 88.1% regularly or occasionally research products on a mobile device, and 66.5% make actual purchases with the same frequency.

According to the report, purchases run the gamut from ringtones to big ticket electronic devices. Here is a list:

Products Purchased on Smartphone/Tablet
Mobile Users 18+
* Apparel: 29.9%
* Entertainment (CDs/DVDs/Books/etc): 23.2%
* Ringtones or other media for device: 20.1%
* Small ticket electronics: 19.5%
* Beauty products: 14.6%
* Gift cards: 11.9%
* Big ticket electronics: 10.4%
* Home décor: 8.8%
* Appliances: 7.9%
* Furniture: 6.1%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, Aug-12

Prosper notes that the 40.5% use mobile to conduct research in the apparel category, followed closely by 38.7% who dig for info on big ticket electronics and 37.8% who seek information on smaller gadgets.

The survey also took a look at the types of information consumer researchers were looking for:
Considerations for Mobile Purchases
Mobile Users 18+
* The price of an item: 52.4%
* The security of the site/app: 51.8%
* The type of item being purchased: 50.0%
* The form of payment (credit/debit/other account): 47.0%
* The reputation of the site/app: 45.1%
* How easy the site/app is to use: 41.8%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, Aug-12

There are a few items that some are leery of purchasing via mobile, including large electronics (40.9%) and furniture (38.7%). However, there is a large contingent of mobile users – 37.8% — who say they would buy anything.

 “In the early years of e-commerce, many consumers were hesitant to click the ‘purchase’ button, but we can all agree the convenience of buying online has grown on us,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director at BIGinsight. “We expect the same for the growth of m-commerce: starting small, but once consumers find their comfort zones, mobile shopping will become a viable buying channel for a substantial proportion of the population.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This is something to keep in mind – if more and more people are actively using mobile, and if your station has a compelling online presence, and if your station makes this presence easily accessible to mobile users, you have just built a bridge that can be used by your advertisers to get to your loyal audience.

If the money is gravitating to mobile and the internet, our advice to all broadcasters is to be there waiting for it, all while cleverly using the powerful megaphone of your still-valuable traditional media outlet to promote your online and mobile presence.

Think 21st Century, people!