Shout out to WTOP’s Dave McConnell


WTOPAwesome – Dave McConnell just celebrated his 50th year with WTOP in Washington DC – and as if that isn’t a rare enough distinction, has one more: He is the last standing local radio news correspondent on Capitol Hill.

The station is part of the Hubbard Radio group.

McCarty began back in its old days as an AM-only outlet on 1500 kHz. The date was 1/18/65.

“It is part of WTOP lore that while other kids were skipping school to see the Washington Senators play at Griffith Stadium, Dave was skipping school to hear the real Senators debate on Capitol Hill,” says longtime WTOP News Director Mike McMearty.

Among his coverage credits are 12 presidential elections.

McMearty added, “Dave McConnell is a class act. He’s a mixture of hustle, honesty and humbleness. Dave lets the members of congress express their point-of-view without inserting opinion or commentary. He is, and has always been known as, an honest broker. I consider it an honor to have worked with him for more than 20 years of his illustrious career.”