Shower-powered FM radio launched


A very green radio: Tango Group has launched its H2O Shower Powered Radio FM Radio, powered by water flowing through a micro turbine which drives a generator that creates the energy to power the device. It won’t work in all showers, but it works when installed in-line between a standard faucet spout and shower hose.

The invention comes from the team behind the wind-up radio, reports The BBC, which noted the company had previously appeared on BBC’s, Dragon’s Den, where the celebrity investors chose not to back it.

The man behind the H2O, Vivian Blick, previously worked with the English inventor Trevor Baylis on his Freeplay wind-up radio.

That invention proved to be a particularly successful in Africa, where the cost of batteries or electricity put traditional radio out of the reach of many.

“Having seen huge success with the commercialization of the wind-up radio, we’re constantly looking into new ways that further innovations in the radio sector could be made,” said Blick, managing director of Tango Group, told the BBC. “We hope to encourage singing in the shower all around the UK.”

The radio is now available at 34.99 Pounds UK and is available at stores listed at Tango Group’s website at