Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless System Gets A Plug-on Transmitter


Shure has introdued a plug-on transmitter tied to its Axient Digital Wireless System.

This new product allows an audio professional to convert a XLR microphone into an Axient Digital wireless microphone. This, the company says, empowers the user to enjoy improved audio quality and RF performance, wide-tuning, and encryption features.

For high-tier broadcast and TV applications that require a flexible connection to a wired microphone, the new AD3 Plug-On Transmitter makes it possible – thanks, Shure says, to a plug-on design, high-performance radio, and spectral efficiency.

The company says the product is ideal for sideline reporting, street interviews, and press conferences. Additionally, it can connect to a shotgun microphone on a boom pole to up-level portability on film and TV sets.

The AD3 is compatible with Axient Digital AD4D and AD4Q rack receivers in Standard or High Density modes.

The AD3 includes an innovative “locked” XLR connector design, a user-friendly control menu, OLED display that is easy to read in challenging lighting conditions, and a sweat, moisture, and debris resistant build. The transmitter also includes a pouch, belt clip, USB-C cable, and supports both conventional AA and Shure SB900A rechargeable battery options.