Simmons Media Group/Salt Lake City earns CRMC status


Simmons Media Group’s entire Salt Lake City sales force for their seven-station cluster earned Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) status by completing the RAB CRMC course. Pictured left to right is Steve Johnson, President of Simmons Media/Salt Lake City; Crystalynn Portwood, AE, KXRK; Tammy Montoya, AE, KRXK; Janene Perkins, AE, JEM Network; Heather Easterbrook, AE, KALL/KZNS Sports Radio; Jill Smith, AE, KALL/KZNS Sports Radio; Tami Savage, AE, JEM Network; Jamie Plesko, SA, JEM Network; Jan Brownstein, AE, JEM Network; Jacquie Louie, AE, JEM Network; Heath Harper, AE, JEM Network; Collin Ash, AE, JEM Network; Jason Stark, AE, JEM Network; Craig Hanson, President & COO of Simmons/Corporate.  Though not pictured, Sue Murphy, DOS in Salt Lake City, was also a driving force in the training initiative.