Simon Fuller sues Fox over X Factor


Back when Simon Cowell’s FreemantleMedia launched “X Factor” in the UK, former partner Simon Fuller sued, claiming it was a rip-off of “Pop Idol,” the British forerunner of “American Idol.” Now the battle between the two Simons has moved to a US court, with Fuller also suing Fox Broadcasting.

The UK suit was settled with Fuller (pictured) being paid a settlement. Pop Idol never returned to the air in Britain, but Fuller has made millions from the Idol franchise in the US and elsewhere.

Fuller’s lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court claims that when the UK suit was settled Fox negotiated an agreement between the two Simons which promised to pay Fuller an appropriate fee and list him as executive producer if and when X Factor begins airing in the US on Fox. That would be two months from now.

“As often happens in Hollywood, binding promises made one day for expediency turn out to be cast aside when it comes time to perform,” Fuller’s suit states. So, he’s sued to enforce the terms of the letter from Fox.

For its part, Fox denies that it owes Fuller anything, since he has not been hired, nor has he done any work on the US version of X Factor.