Here’s How To Track TV Advertising Based On Behavior


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers that have been seeking a way to precisely target their linear TV advertising based on actual purchase behavior, rather than traditional demographic data, now have a tool that solves that conundrum.

It’s thanks to a newly forged strategic alliance announced Friday (2/17) that sees Simulmedia and IRI come together in a manner that allows marketers to activate IRI ProScores with Simulmedia on linear TV.

Simulmedia uses what it calls a “Performance TV” platform that’s powered by second-by-second, device-viewing data from millions of U.S. households. Its campaigns combine data-driven targeting with predictive algorithms to deliver maximum reach on a national scale and provide brands with actionable insights they can use to benchmark performance and optimize future campaigns.

IRI ProScores is a purchase-based, predictive shopper audience targeting solution.

Leveraging cutting-edge modeling techniques with rich data assets, IRI scores all 125 million U.S. households’ propensity to purchase across a large set of CPG categories, subcategories, brands and retailers.

With this move, IRI is integrating its consumer purchase data with Simulmedia’s platform to target and activate viewers on national TV.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with IRI,” said Simulmedia President/Chief Revenue Officer Tim Spengler. “With ProScores targeting now built into Simulmedia’s performance TV platform, we can empower innovative marketers to easily align their digital and TV strategies and achieve powerful results.”

Srishti Gupta, president of the IRI Media Center for Excellence, added, “Partnering with Simulmedia is one more way IRI is bringing innovation and sales growth to our clients. Our new alliance allows CPG companies to specifically target households using robust granular consumer purchase data combined with TV viewing data. Marketers now have the ability to use consistent purchase-based segments not just for digital activation but also for television. This will drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for TV dollars, which continues to be a significant percentage of total advertising spend.”


The Clorox Company evidently likes what it sees.

IRI and Simulmedia revealed that the major global CPG company has signed on as the launch partner for this initiative.

Eric Reynolds, SVP/CMO at Clorox, said, “Advertising on linear TV is a critical component of our marketing mix. But in a world of data-driven marketing, we believe it needs to be smarter. Simulmedia and IRI are adding a degree of precision to our linear TV advertising that we believe can greatly improve the effectiveness of the communication. We are delighted to participate in this pilot.”

The IRI Partner Ecosystem includes such companies as Adobe, The Boston Consulting Group, comScore, Experian, GfK, Gigwalk, Ipsos, Kantar Shopcom, MasterCard Advisors, MaxPoint, Millward Brown Digital, Mu Sigma, Oracle, PlaceIQ, Research Now, SPINS, Survey Sampling International, and Univision.