Sinclair gets Cool in 34 markets


Cool Music Network LLC has just launched its “TheCoolTV” music TV network and already has a deal to cover 24 million homes, approximately 22% of US TV Households. That carriage deal is with Sinclair Broadcast Group in 34 markets.

TheCoolTV is described as a brand new 24 hours a day / 7 days a week music television network. What’s unique is that the new net is “hyper-localized,” customizing its programming to reflect local demographics, music events and even local artists. Through their partnerships with local artists, music venues, promoters and major festival events, TheCoolTV says it has been able to cultivate a unique aspect of localism, thereby appealing to the viewers in each market.

“We are excited to offer TheCoolTV on our multi-cast spectrum, but more importantly, feel this could be a perfect fit for the mobile television model. We believe their ability to customize their content based on each market’s musical tastes will make it all the more appealing to our viewers,” said Sinclair EVP/CFO David Amy.

“We are On-Location, On the Web and On TV. We understand that today’s music fans want their music where and when they want it, and that’s what we deliver with strategic broadcast partnerships and unprecedented technical advancements! We attract viewers to our network because of our great content, our ability to be local and leverage the latest technologies to engage the audience,” said Joe Comparato, CEO of TheCoolTV.