Sinclair, Marketron See Revenue in Mobile


Marketron / MediascapeGetting an ad from a local Sinclair Broadcast Group television station over your phone will soon be easier. That in turn, could lead to new revenue streams for the Baltimore-based television owner. Sinclair Broadcast Group has signed with Marketron for its Mediascape location-based advertising software for mobile platforms.

Marketron is working with 45 exchanges in North America to serve mobile ads based on a consumer’s physical location and past behavior. Location-based mobile advertising now accounts for about one-third of overall U.S. mobile ad revenues, according to BIA/Kelsey.

The system enables Sinclair stations to offer advertisers a way to target their audiences with relevant information. For example: shoppers who have bought from a particular grocery store before might get a local ad from that store on their phone when they are nearby, highlighting a current special or discount, with a tap-for-direction call to action.

Sinclair Digital Solutions COO Rob Weisbord says Marketron’s location-based a platform “provides the accuracy, scale, functionality, and support required for our stations to deliver mobile campaigns locally. Our advertisers will be able to timely share their message with the appropriate consumer in a geo-targeted manner, based on the places they visit every day.”

Some 60 Sinclair television stations have begun employing the service and all 164 are expected to do so by year-end.


  1. Ads, ads, and more ads. I know that advertising is where broadcasters make their money, but as a viewer, I’m beginning to feel like I’m watching this: “We’ll be right back with more ads, right after this short break for programming.” And you say you don’t know why your numbers are falling or why people are using DVRs more…

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