Sinclair/Allbritton gets a docket


SBG / Sinclair Broadcast GroupThe year of big television group sales has also been the year of the FCC’s accommodation of a public dialogue about big television group sales. The latest to get its own special FCC docket for comment is the Sinclair’s acquisition of Allbritton along with related spin-offs.

The $985M deal will add eight stations in seven markets to the Sinclair portfolio, most notably WJLA-TV Washington DC, and in turn it spawned three deals involving four Sinclair stations and two buyers to get within local ownership caps.
The spin-offs all come with the now-usual JSAs and SSAs.

The transaction can now be referenced as MB Docket No. 13-203.

The FCC accepted applications for the transfers 8/14/13, and set the deadline for petitions to deny any of the transactions at 9/13/13.

Per the FCC, Sinclair is buying:
* WCFT-TV, Tuscaloosa, AL, Facility ID 21258 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ABW)
* WJSU-TV, Anniston, AL, Facility ID 56642 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ABX)
* WCIV(TV), Charleston, SC, Facility ID 21536 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ACA)
* KATV(TV), Little Rock, AR, Facility ID 33543 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ACB)
* KTUL(TV), Tulsa, OK, Facility ID 35685 (File No. BTCCDT- 20130809ACC)
* WJLA-TV, Washington, DC, Facility ID 1051 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ACD)
* WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, PA, Facility ID 72326 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ACE)
* WSET-TV, Lynchburg, VA, Facility ID 73988 (File No. BTCCDT-20130809ACG)

And Sinclair is selling and striking JSAs/SSAs with:
* WTTO(TV), Homewood, AL, Facility ID 74138 (File No. BALCDT-20130809ADC)
* WABM(TV), Birmingham, AL, Facility ID 16820 (File No. BALCDT- 20130809ADE)
* WHP-TV, Harrisburg, PA, Facility ID 72313 (File No. BALCDT-20130809ADF)
* WMMP(TV), Charleston, SC, Facility ID 9015 (File No. BALCDT-20130809ADG)