Sinclair’s Fisher catch includes radio


SoldWe knew that the aggressively expanding Sinclair Television Group was looking for more acquisitions. We just didn’t expect that it would include any broadcast outlets that limit their output to audio signals.

The deal with Fisher Communications is being called a merger valued at $373M give or take.

The transaction is focused on Fisher’s television portfolio, which includes 20 stations in eight markets along with three others for which Fisher is planning to provide various services.

The radio stations coming in the deal include:
* KOMO-AM, 1000 kHz, News
* KOMO-FM, 97.7 MHz, News
* KPLZ-FM, 101.5 MHz, CHR
* KVI-AM, 570 kHz, Talk

RBR-TVBR observation: It will be interesting to see what happens in Seattle. The deal is being couched as a merger rather than an acquisition, so it is possible that Sinclair intends to keep the stations. Sinclair is already creating a new division to handle smaller market television stations, so there is no reason it couldn’t take the same approach and create a radio unit.

On the other hand, if we were a radio group interested in Seattle for one reason or another, we’d be dreaming about kicking some tires up there right about now.