SintecMedia, Lotame Bring Audience Targeting to Broadcast TV


Thanks to a deal forged today (4/27), audience segments from the Lotame DMP will now be fed directly to SintecMedia‘s front-end proposal system, OnBoard.

With the connection of detailed viewership data with Lotame’s audience data, local sellers have been empowered with enhanced targeting to clients, the companies note.

Specifically, the companies say the partnership enables media companies to understand how targets overlay with their available inventory for more accurate pricing and scale during the proposal phase, and then optimize delivery across TV, video and mobile platforms for added value end-to-end.

As major media companies announce cross-channel audience targeting products for advertisers, Lotame believes local broadcasters have been largely left out of such offerings, even as they compete most directly with digital audience targeting options such as search and social media.

To Sintec and Lotame, the partnership “delivers a competitive product that unlocks audience targeting across TV, video and mobile platforms, creating a game-changing offering for media companies.”

Anne Schelle, Managing Director of Pearl TV, commented, “As broadcasters, we are very pleased to see these kinds of partnerships develop because it shows that innovative companies are investing in the broadcast advertising ecosystem. These solutions provide a key benefit – a one-stop answer that enables cross-screen audience sales and improved yield optimization for our advertising clients.”

Pearl TV is a business organization of 8 local TV broadcasting companies who operate more than 220 local stations.

The Lotame-Sintec partnership allows sellers to build audience-targeted proposals in real-time and deliver against audience goals more accurately using continually refreshed audience data.

Clients who use Lotame’s TV DMP can now more easily index audiences against day-parts and programs on linear programming by passing that data to SintecMedia for execution and optimization, the company says.

“The partnership delivers the next level of multi-platform audience targeting at scale to local broadcasters,” said Ryan Reed, Director of Television & Video Innovation at Lotame. Reed was in attendance at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, meeting with potential clients and discussing the TV DMP with journalists. “SintecMedia and Lotame are both focused on maximizing profitability and control for media companies across TV, digital and mobile, and this partnership gives broadcasters the tools to compete in today’s fragmented marketplace.”

“Workflow is the major issue facing broadcasters as they move to offer audience targeted products to buyers,” added SintecMedia President Lorne Brown. “This partnership drives the kind of ‘fast, easy, and big’ solutions that sellers need to compete with the walled gardens at the local level.”