Sirius XM at center of latest Weiner photo release


Blogger Andrew Breitbart was the one who broke the story that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) had sent lewd images to women he met via the Internet, distributing a photo that the congressman admits sending of his bulging underwear. Now Breitbart is upset that Sirius XM shock jocks Opie & Anthony (pictured) beat him to the punch in releasing a more explicit photo.

Breitbart had claimed to have an “X-rated” photo of Weiner, but had not made it public. While appearing as a guest on the O&A show the conservative blogger showed the image – purportedly of Weiner’s nude groin area – to the hosts and another guest from his smartphone.

According to Opie’s Twitter account, he tried to take a shot of the phone, but the photo came out blurry. However, after the show the staff checked the video shot by the in-studio cameras and – eureka! – Breitbart’s phone was right on camera. The image was then posted by Opie and is now enshrined forever throughout the Internet, including an uncensored version on Gawker.

For his part, Breitbart is upset that the photo was released without his knowledge or permission.

RBR-TVBR observation: So, Breitbart is angry that O&A didn’t ask permission to make the photo public. Did he ask permission from Rep. Weiner to make the first photo public?