Sirius XM focusing on used car lots


With new car sales suffering, Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin has said that the company will step up efforts to sign up people who buy used cars equipped with satellite radio receivers. To that end, the company has now announced a deal to offer a three-month “Sirius Everything” trial to buyers of a Sirius-equipped certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle.

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Volvo to offer Sirius to drivers of certified pre-owned Volvo vehicles,” said Doug Pergament, Vice President, Automotive, Sirius XM Radio.

“The addition of Sirius enhances our already ‘Best in Class’ Certified Pre-owned program offer. Volvo prides itself in always providing the best experience on the road for Volvo drivers, so it’s only logical that we offer buyers of Sirius-equipped certified pre-owned Volvo vehicles the opportunity to hear Sirius’ unparalleled programming,” said Volvo Commercial Sales Manager, Scott Doering.

A six-month trial offer of the “Sirius Everything” package is available on all new Sirius-equipped Volvo vehicles for Model Year 2010. Sirius is also a standard feature on the new XC60 and S80 V8.