Sirius, XM merge programming


Well, looks like the Sirius-XM merger has also solved the problem of receiver interoperability, which was mandated by their FCC license(s). Sirius XM has unveiled their new, combined channel lineups.

“This is the ultimate evolution for our channels and sets a new bar for audio entertainment. The breadth and quality of the new programming lineups make it clear that everything worth listening to is now on Sirius XM,” said Scott Greenstein, Sirius XM’s President and Chief Content Officer.

Many formats in one service have been dropped for a similar one in the other. For example, Sirius’ “Left of Center” Indie Rock has been dropped for XM’s “XMU”, but keeps at least some of the LOC DJs. Both services’ Disco channels are dropped. XM’s Reggae channel won out over Sirius’.

Here are the new lineups:

RBR/TVBR observation: So maybe there won’t really be a need for interoperable receivers. If the two services are going to be essentially the same, who would need it? But then Sirius XM eventually won’t really need half of its spectrum either, will it? This, unless they launch another service–free, but supported by commercials. The other liklihood is they will sell some of the birds.