Sirius XM signs new deal for customer service


RightNow Technologies announced that Sirius XM Radio has signed an agreement to use the RightNow CX “customer experience suite” for its agents to interact with customers. The software package also includes a self-service option for the satellite radio subscribers to use.

The announcement stated that RightNow CX is expected to enable Sirius XM to improve its customer experience across multiple interaction channels, while also realizing increased efficiencies and cost savings.

“Delivering even better experiences across all customer interactions is critical to achieving our goals of increasing customer retention and driving incremental revenue opportunities,” said Joe Zarella, group vice president and chief service officer, Sirius XM

Here’s the pitch for the new software package: “RightNow’s Dynamic Agent Desktop is expected to empower Sirius XM’s agents to deliver exceptional experiences across phone, email and chat interactions. With RightNow as their contact center system of record, Sirius XM agents will benefit from a single view of all customers interactions. In addition, RightNow’s powerful knowledge foundation, scripting and workflow capabilities are expected to assist agents in answering queries quickly, correctly, and consistently, enabling Sirius XM to increase agent productivity and reduce training times.”

Sirius XM will also deploy RightNow Web Experience, to improve customer self-service options and to reduce inbound calls and emails.

RBR-TVBR observation: Staying on the cutting edge with call center operations is obviously of great importance to a subscription-based service such as satellite radio. Speaking as one who frequently has to deal with the automated phone systems at AM, FM and TV stations, it’s a good thing you guys don’t rely on subscriptions. Most of those phone systems are not very user-friendly and generally frustrating for the caller.