Sirius XM to align channels on both services


The day is 5/4: The merged satcaster is also merging its Sirius and XM channels to be the same channel numbers across both services. “We’re reordering our channels to make it easier for you to quickly find what you want to hear. As a result, some channels you listen to will have a new number beginning that day,” said their website.

The vast majority of channels are moving on both sides, some are being combined. Some, such as the southern gospel enLighten channel, will be available only on Sirius XM Internet Radio. Sirius Left and XM’s “America’s Left” are being combined as “Sirius XM Left” on Channel 127. “Willie’s Place” and “The Roadhouse” are being merged as “Willie’s Roadhouse” on Channel 56.

In addition to “20 on 20,” XM radios will now receive “SiriusXM Hits 1”. This channel was previously available only on Sirius radios and XM Radio Online. If you have a Sirius radio and enjoy “SiriusXM Hits 1,” you’ll also want to check out “20 on 20,” which will be available on Sirius radios beginning 5/20 (Channel 3) “20 on 20” was previously available only on XM radios and on Sirius Internet Radio. For Sirius and XM radios, “SiriusXM Limited Engagements” on Channel 18 will be the new, dedicated home for our unique and exclusive ‘pop-up’ channels featuring music, comedy, talk and more.

Receivers will automatically update when turned on after 5/4, and that process may take 2-5 minutes. If your presets no longer take you to your favorite channels on May 4th, you may have to reset one or more of your preset buttons. Some subscribers to Sirius “may need to take additional action”, and there’s a help section for them. Radio presets should automatically update to the new numbers. Sirius subscribers with Sirius Family Friendly, Sirius Plus The Best of XM, Sirius Mostly Music and Sirius News Sports and Talk — may need to perform a quick refresh for their radio.

Sirius XM is also adding new markets to the traffic channels, including Pittsburgh and Minneapolis.