Sirius XM to reactivate radios with no subscription


Sirius XMIt’s not the full service, but 60 channels—all to remind car owners what they may be missing. There are more cars out there with inactive satellite radio receivers than active ones, and Sirius XM wants to change that, reports The Motley Fool.

Starting 11/15 and running through 11/27 the satcaster will be turning on all inactive radios. Listeners won’t have access to all content and channels, but 60 stations of sports, news, talk, entertainment, and commercial-free music.

Says Motley Fool:

“There’s a reason that Sirius XM, which when the year started was looking to add just 1.3 million net new subscribers, is now expecting to close out the year with 1.8 million more accounts on its rolls. Drivers are more comfortable with their discretionary income to spring for Sirius or XM subscriptions, even after January’s 12% rate hike.

These are also the two weeks ahead of the holiday shopping season. How many people do you think — after driving around and rediscovering the advantages of satellite radio — will make Sirius XM a holiday wish list item? You may laugh, but any number greater than zero is incremental.”

The timing is also comes just as Sirius XM is gearing up launch customized Pandora-like radio to its streaming subscribers. How many drivers with dormant Sirius or XM accounts are simply streaming Pandora or Spotify through their cars? This is a way for Sirius XM to remind them all of its content just as it’s about to enhance the value of its higher-priced plans that include both satellite radio and web-served streams, notes the article.

See The Motley Fool article here

RBR-TVBR observation: Just like cable MSOs give us free, promotional periods of free HBO, Cinemax, etc.—Sirius XM realizes word of mouth will travel fast that all cars are going to be activated and many will be listening. Hey, it’s free, so casting that net will bring in some new fish in the way of subscribers. We’re pretty sure there will be a lot of promotional mentions of the new customized online music service, as well.


  1. So this means that the 12 year old XM radio I no longer have will get activated? I keep getting freebie offers from XM if I will reactivate my radio….which was trash years ago. How many people own a useless item from 2 years ago? Not many I would imagine. They would not let me transfer the freebie offer to the xm radio built into my brand new car so screw em!

  2. I used to subscribe to XM. XM was mediocre and Sirius was repulsive. I am not likely to get out either of my old XM radios because of Sirius controlling XM.

  3. I’ve long advocated a freemium ad supported model for satellite radio. Consider there is a satellite radio in almost every late model car. Given the impending disruptive technology called IP radio, it would do them well to turn these inactive receivers into a network.

  4. Paul: You have an interesting idea. Maybe Sirius/XM should lease a ” channel” or two and see what happens. The channel that is leased would be authorized on all Sirius/XM receivers. I would hope that the company that leases a channel would not be a major company like Cumulus, CBS, or Clear Channel otherwise it would be more of the same old garbage.

  5. My trial subscription to SiriusXM Radio will expire soon. The satellite button on my com center will thereafter remain dead. What I require in a vehicle radio service is not provided on that satellite feed. Renewal subscription rates are a J O K E. What me…pay huge fees for something inadequate? LOL

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