Sirius XM’s Maffei: New CEO may take six months to find


Sirius XMSirius XM is likely to end the year without naming its next CEO, according to Liberty Media Corp CEO Greg Maffei. Mel Karmazin is set to leave the company in February, so there is still time. Sirius XM has established a CEO search committee, but Maffei says there’s a likelihood that the process will stall, expressing his desire to have a new CEO within six months. The Wall Street Journal quoted him as saying: “We are both looking at internal and external candidates; it’s unlikely to be a one-month process. I would hope it would be [at most six months].”

Meanwhile, the period in which petitions can be filed against Liberty’s acquisition of Sirius XM has expired. Maffei says only one petition has been filed so far and while the comment period will be cut off 11/20. The FCC is expected to take several weeks before making its decision.