Sirius/XM to add “Art Bell’s Dark Matter”


Art BellSirius XM will be the exclusive home to legendary nighttime talker Art Bell, marking his full-time return to radio with a new, expanded live, nightly call-in show on which he will explore the paranormal, unexplained and more with expert guests and listeners nationwide.

“Art Bell’s Dark Matter” will debut 9/16 on Indie, SiriusXM channel 104, airing nightly from 10:00 pm-1:00 am ET. Bell will host the show from his home studio in Pahrump, NV—near Area 51—opening the phones lines and inviting listeners and expert guests to join his uncensored, unscripted nightly conversation about a wide variety of topics including: the paranormal, near-death experiences, quantum physics, extraterrestrial life and the unusual.

A 2008 inductee to the National Radio Hall of Fame, Bell was one of the top five most listened-to talk hosts in America when he was syndicated weeknights from 1993-2003, sharing the top rankings with Howard Stern, Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh, with as many as fifteen million listeners on 500 radio stations. Howard Stern and Dr. Laura are also exclusively heard on SiriusXM.

“SiriusXM is the perfect fit for me and my new show Art Bell’s Dark Matter,” said Art Bell. “Though invisible, dark matter accounts for gravitational forces observed in the universe—expect these forces to be at work in the uncensored, unrestricted creative arena of satellite radio, a medium with truly extraterrestrial reach.”

Bell’s late night show on a Las Vegas radio station that ultimately became his nationally syndicated show “Coast to Coast AM,” syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. Bell was one of radio’s top syndicated voices in the 1990s before walking away from his nightly show in 2002 due to family issues. He worked occasionally after that but hasn’t been on the air since Halloween 2010.




  1. It’s a great day for radio, heralding Art Bell’s return to the air waves. From the high dessert in the great American southwest, Bell maestros a truly unique program, at the intersection of Science and Science Fiction. Art Bell is extraordinary, late night radio entertainment, now perfectly paired with the delivery platform of SiriusXM. Is it September 16th yet?

  2. Can hardly wait for my ol buddy and long time listener for Art Bell to come thru Dallas/Ft. Worth radio stations. It’s about time he gets back to his public and radio friends. We want to hear all about the family and that pretty little girl. Is he still in Parump? or Las Vegas? Thanks so much.

  3. As long as he is a patriot of the U.S. and hasn’t forgotten us, I’ll be okay with him. I’m still hurting because he left us so he’d better not rub the wound with Phillipines crap because I’m just not interested. I want UFO stuff and Forbidden Archaology, etc, just like the old days.

  4. Too bad he is not going to be on real Broadcast radio. I think of subscription satellite radio as being more of a narrowcast service. I do not want to subscribe to XM ever again because it is owned by the disgusting Sirius satellite radio. I hate Sirius with a very sincere deep pure hatred.

  5. Mr. Bell, when on before, had a super chat room. And, unlike the “pay through the nose” Coast to Coast site,” it was FREE! And all of us really enjoyed that so much and have already been hoping he will have another!

    And Mr. Bell didn’t “hawk” everything in the world. His show was more show, and less in the commercials department. On C to C, it’s more of a commercial hour, with breaks for a show.

    We are surely glad to welcome back the kind of show we anticipate, and so much lost in recent years.

    Hooray for a much-needed change.


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