Sirott returning to WGN Radio


Tribune BroadcastingBob Sirott is coming back to Tribune’s WGN-AM Chicago, with wife, Marianne Murciano, full time to host a show with a still undetermined timeslot. Sirott and Murciano host the “Sunday Night Radio Special with Bob and Marianne” from 9 to 10 p.m. Sundays, reports The Chicago Tribune. Sirott is also the weeknight co-anchor on the Fox Chicago News WFLD-TV. Murciano previously co-anchored WFLD-TV’s “Fox Thing in the Morning” with Sirott.

“When I was growing up in Chicago, WGN was the ‘Radio home of millions throughout mid-America,’ and this is still very much true,” Sirott said in a statement. “Marianne and I are thrilled to call WGN our radio home.”

This month, WGN brought back Steve Cochran and said he will continue to fill-in on a freelance basis for the near future.

See The Chicago Tribune story here.


  1. Thank God. Cochran and Sirott back. I hope they replace one of the miers, Hopefully Morning,where I go to 780, can not stand the brand. WGN needs to buy another station which can showcase his Talent. I just do not Like to listen to him. Gary can also go to the additional station where his dumbness can be showcased.

    • Totlly agreed Sirot and Cochran bothe the best finally WGN has made some good decisions..theya re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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