Six hung up big time over Do Not Call


The FTC has entered into settlements with six companies over violations of the National Do Not Call Registry resulting in a whopping 7.7M in civil penalties. By far the largest was with adjustable bed company Craftmatic, hit for over half of the total, 4.4M. It was hit for harvesting phone numbers by couching them as sweepstakes entry numbers, then using them to place calls to people on the DNC list without warning, along with placement of "millions" of abandoned calls. It was also charged with ignoring requests to be put on its entity-specific do not call list. Also hit were home security firm ADT and dealers Alarm King and Direct Security Services, for 2M, 20K and 25K respectively; Ameriquest mortgage company for 1M, Guardian Communications/U.S. Voice Blasting for 150K. That one was all the FTC thinks Guardian can pay out of a judgment set at 7.8M. The FTC is pursuing a settlement with another company, Global Mortage Funding.

RBR/TVBR observation: Kinda makes the 350K top drawer indecency fine wither into insignificance. We wonder what the fee is for communicating indecency messages over the phone to people on the DNC Registry?