Six keys to money making commercials in today’s media world


Pile of MoneyThe one thing every radio advertiser wants is results.  It follows then that Radio’s promise to clients must be to provide excellent results for their advertising expenditure.  However, sometimes even the seemingly best of commercials don’t deliver as promised.

Our company works with stations on behalf of their clients to test the effectiveness of their radio commercials.  We have found that most radio commercials are simply not that well received by listeners.  That may not come as a surprise to most readers, but the effect of this is devastating for radio.

A station may have excellent writers and producers who create very good commercials.  However, commercials will deliver much better results for the client with feedback from their target customers – just as program directors discovered what listeners think of each of their songs they play using professional music research – and changed radio programming forever.  Radio stations must test their commercials now to stand out from today’s crowded sea of media choices.

Here the six main problems with radio commercials we typically see and a simple solution for each.

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