Skinny Dipping w/ a Model: Bachelor Ben gets naked in Puerto Rico


Que fabuloso!!  This week’s episode of the Bachelor was one of the best history.  What wasn’t to love?  Beautiful, wonderful Puerto Rico, a competitive ball game, Courtney dishing out some of the craziest one liners in evil lady history and skinny dipping with a model!  Some deep thoughts about this week’s show:

– I have no idea where Blakeley’s epiphany came from that she suddenly feels she deserves someone like Ben, but good for her.  My feelings, like Ben, did a 180 for Blakeley tonight as well. Not because of her epiphany – but because my jaw dropped when I saw what a phenomenal ball player she is.  Did you see her catch some of those hits at shortstop?  If Derek Jeter was a stripper, he’d be Blakeley.

– I was 100% sure Emily was history after her “rebound” speech gone awry. It was a horrible attempt at redeeming herself, and she was smart enough to realize it.  Luckily, Ben is smart enough to give her another chance.

– I felt like Ben cheated on the other women and fear he can no longer have a successful relationship with any of the other women once he made the decision to get naked with Courtney.  Picture it: you’re Kacie B or Lindzi or Nicki or Emily and you’re watching your true love story unfold on national TV after Ben’s proposed to you on the finale in some exotic island.  Then on Episode 5 in Puerto Rico, you find out that him and Courtney took a bottle of wine to the beach, after hours, against the rules, threw off their clothing and giggled in delight together under the moonlight while Elyse is off crying on a motorboat somewhere to some overplayed, but awesome David Grey song.  WTF?? I am just waiting for Courtney to drop this bomb on the ladies. Would you stick
around if you found out that you’re “boyfriend” Ben got naked with Courtney?  Is this part of the rules? It’s safe to assume he’s making out – but is skinny dipping allowed? And who knows what else they did after that.  The question is – where did the girls think Courtney was during that time and at what point will she clue them all in??  I would be outta there in less than a second.

– I felt bad for Jennifer.  Thought she actually had a shot at being the normal, down to earth type for Ben, but he just didn’t seem that interested.  Elyse was just in love with love.  They had a pretty awesome date too, but it was never going to happen.  Nicki is sweet, has perfect skin and should be a Neutrogena model, but not sure she’s the one for Ben.

My final thoughts: If Ben can love Kacie B and her frizzy hair in the humidity of Puerto Rico, which he seems to do, I think she may be our winner.  But only if he has already confessed to her about the skinny dipping before he proposes.  Otherwise, she’ll hopefully be smart enough to turn him down flat.  As soon as Courtney says, “I bet he’s never skinny dipped with a model before…” my skin started to crawl.  Ben fell right into her trap.  I’m not sure I trust him with Kacie B’s heart.  I’m starting to feel protective of her and her curly hair.

I’m intrigued by (1) what is Casey S’s tragedy from next week; (2) who supposedly has a boyfriend and (3) sounds like the girls collectively tell Ben not to trust Courtney – will he give her the rose anyway? Of course he will.

By Stacey B