Sky Television sues over toppled tower


The Virginian-Pilot confirms the parent company of WSKY-TV Norfolk-Virginia Beach, VA (Channel 4) has sued Tower Innovations over the building of a tower that toppled in high winds in Camden County, N.C., in March, saying its work was shoddy from start to finish. The suit was filed late last week in U.S. District Court in Norfolk, reads like a business version of a homeowner’s lament against a sloppy contractor, said the story.

Station President Glenn Holterhaus told TVBR that Tower Innovations refused to fund the subcontractors to rebuild. The fallen tower was the first one they tried to use helical anchors on, he said (10/9/07 TVBR #197).

Tower Innovations also never reimbursed the station for the cost of replacing the transmitter building and equipment. WSKY is seeking more than 50 million from Tower Innovations and A.B. Chance, manufacturer of the flawed helical anchors intended to secure the tower’s foundation.