Slacker Radio debuts iPhone iOS 4 radio app


Slacker announced the availability of Slacker Radio with support for iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch. The new app supports multitasking for listening to Slacker Radio in the background and offers controls for accessing the app while performing other device functions. Slacker Radio with support for iOS 4 can be immediately downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store or by visiting Slacker’s website  from the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad web browser.

Multitasking, which is supported by Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd generation can be utilized by clicking the device’s “home” button while listening to Slacker Radio. The Slacker Radio app will then minimize, allowing listeners to access other iPhone and iPod functions such as email and news readers. To control the Slacker app running in the background, listeners can double click the iPhone or iPod touch “home” button and swipe the toolbar from left to right to access convenient controls to pause and skip songs.

With access to a song library that is nearly four times the size of the leading competitor, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can use Slacker Radio to create their own Personal Radio stations or listen to and personalize over 120 expert-programmed genre stations. Slacker Radio gives access to artist biographies, album reviews and station fine-tuning, allowing listeners to choose between hearing newer vs. classic tracks, popular vs. fringe and more or less of their favorite songs. In addition to marking songs as favorites, listeners can also ban songs and artists to create truly personalized radio stations.

With Slacker Radio for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and a Slacker Radio Plus subscription, music lovers can select specific stations to cache while they are listening by simply tapping “Cache This Station” from any station page. Once stations have been selected, individual songs for the stations are automatically downloaded by selecting “Refresh Stations” from the Cached Stations link in the home screen view. During a station refresh the application will store up to thousands of songs on the device for off-line playback, allowing stations to be accessed on planes, subways and everywhere in between – with no interruptions and greatly reduced battery use. Along with the ability to store stations to the device, Slacker Radio Plus features ad-free listening, complete song lyrics, “peek ahead” artist and album previews, unlimited song skipping, unlimited song requests and more.

Slacker Radio Plus is available for as low as $3.99 per month and can be purchased at their website  or within the app by selecting the “Upgrade” button.