Here’s A Programmatic Deal Tied To Digital Listening


Until now, advertisers seeking a programmatic solution for accessing Slacker Radio‘s listening audience via mobile, desktop and set-top boxes were out of luck.

That is now a possibility thanks to the internet radio service’s selection of Triton Digital‘s a2x to help monetize its digital audio advertising inventory in both the U.S. and Canada.

The partnership between Slacker and Triton enables programmatic buyers throughout the U.S. and Canada to execute targeted, at-scale buys across Slacker’s listening audience in a programmatic environment.

Specifically, the platform’s automated, exchange-driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates precise targeting for advertisers.


“With expertise in audio and a robust ad tech stack, Triton has been instrumental in helping us both develop our digital strategy and grow our advertising efforts,” said Robert Wilde, VP/Analytics & Monetization at Slacker Radio. “We are confident that the targeting and tracking capabilities of a2x will be incredibly valuable in driving higher ROI for our advertising and brand partners.”

John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital, added, “Slacker is a valued partner, and we are pleased to continue to support their global advertising strategy by enabling their U.S. and Canadian listening audiences to be accessed programmatically. Targeting audiences by parameters including age, gender, geography, and device, as well as through the use of third party audience data is an incredibly powerful tool, that meaningfully improves the results for advertisers.”