Sling Shot: A Big Boost For Broadcast TV Measurement


With IP-delivered TV services growing in popularity, ensuring proper measurement of the channels consumed by subscribers is of paramount interest to marketers and media research pros.

A new pact between DISH Media Sales and Nielsen solves one conundrum, as DISH’s Sling TV is now getting digital measurement from the nation’s dominant audience measurement company.

Specifically, Nielsen will provide digital measurement on Sling TV and data segments for addressable advertising across both DISH TV and Sling TV inventory.

The new agreement expands on DISH’s ability to use Nielsen currency measurement for its advertisers, adding Digital Ad Ratings for measurement of campaigns on Sling TV.

At the same time, DISH Media Sales will now provide marketers with the ability to tailor their advertising using Nielsen Buyer Insights and Nielsen Catalina Solutions across DISH TV and Sling TV to deliver ad viewership based on consumer purchasing behavior.

Specifically, marketers will now be able to use Digital Ad Ratings to evaluate delivery to target demographics on Sling TV using comprehensive audience measurement metrics. In addition to measuring campaign reach on the DISH platforms, Nielsen will also be enabling its “premium” audience segments to support addressable advertising across DISH TV and Sling TV.

Using Nielsen Buyer Insights and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, advertisers are able to segment audiences defined by their in-store and online credit/debit purchases as well as loyalty to consumer packaged goods brands, respectively, to deliver brand messages to their intended audience.

With cross-platform measurement and premium audience segments enabled at scale across SlingTV, advertisers can leverage Nielsen’s addressable currency to connect to their intended audiences. DISH Media Sales’ adoption of Nielsen digital measurement and audience segments expands on its use of Nielsen measurement for linear viewing and provides greater insight into viewership across platforms. Currently, DISH enlists Nielsen’s TV Ratings Service and participates in Nielsen Digital in TV Ratings to capture audiences on Sling TV across digital devices.

“As the market continues to move to executing addressable advertising at scale, it’s more important than ever to equip advertisers with currency-quality solutions to measure both TV and digital inventory in a comparable way,” said Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership, Digital at Nielsen. “DISH’s move to enable Digital Ad Ratings along with Nielsen’s audience segments is another major step forward in showcasing the value of the DISH and Sling TV platforms using independent measurement buyers can trust and we’re excited to provide the metrics to help monetize these dynamic platforms.”

“Marketers today are reaching their consumers in a variety of ways and each path requires specific targeting and measurement solutions. Dish Media is expanding its offerings to mirror the needs in the marketplace,” said Kemal Bokhari, DISH Media Sales General Manager of Data and Analytics. “Nielsen provides a suite of solutions on which brands transact and DISH Media Sales is offering more choice to our advertisers.”