Sliwa calls Imus a legend


Amid the rumors that Don Imus is likely to replace Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby in the morning slot on WABC-AM New York, you might think that Sliwa might have hard feelings toward the I-Man. But no, there he was on Fox News Channel yesterday praising Imus and wearing an Imus-like cowboy hat. "I don’t think Don Imus will end up taking my slot, but if he does, why not?  He got executed in a horrible way by that racial racketeer Al ‘Slim Shady’ Sharpton," Sliwa told John Gibson on Fox News Channel’s Big Story. "He’s entitled to a return.  He’s a legend in the business," Sliwa added. But if Imus does return to radio, he may be a little different. "They’re going to have a target on his back. He’s going to have a very tough time being the Don Imus that we grew up with," said Sliwa.

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