Sluggish pace for station trading


The third week of November is on the books, and it continues a pattern of very slow trading that has been in effect all month. During the week of 11/16-20/09, no single station been able to command $500K, much less get into seven-figure territory.

During the week, $905K was the total value of the five cash/credit deals filed with the FCC. An AM station in the Charlotte market was good for $425K of that, and $350K went for a Radio Disney AM outlet in Wichita KS. Only one of the remaining transactions topped $100K.

Television wasn’t completely absent from the mix, but it was close. An LPTV station in Augusta GA was the lone entry, and its sale was valued at only $10K.

RBR-TVBR observation: Thanksgiving week is usually a slow one for trading. The question is, are traders keeping their powder dry until December? Stay tuned.