Small turnout for anti-Letterman rally


Local news outlets say about 50 people turned out for Tuesday’s Fire David Letterman Rally. Meanwhile, inside the theater, Letterman, whose apology had been accepted by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, joked about the effort to get him fired.

Letterman’s daily “Top 10” feature had “Top 10 Things Overheard at the ‘Fire David Letterman Rally’,” including #8 “We should have done this years ago” and #1 “Thanks for coming, Regis.” The late night comic also joked about his apology to Palin, saying he had rehearsed apologizing to Tina Fey and that in addition to his apology, Palin had accepted “a $500 gift certificate from Lens Crafters.”

As the few dozen protesters held signs calling him a pervert and demanding that CBS fire him, Letterman said he was going to a live camera at the rally. Instead, his show aired clips from major riots.

Whether the matter will now subside remains to be seen. The website says another protest is planned for Saturday outside the studios of Bryan, TX CBS affiliate KBTX-TV and that 47,000 people have signed the web-based letter demanding that CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves fire Letterman for his sexist jokes about Palin and her daughter.