Smartphones figure in 2013 resolutions


TabletsMany Americans have integrated their smartphones and similar devices seamlessly into their lives, and using them to monitor New Year’s resolutions is another example. While the most common use will be to help stay on schedule, Prosper Mobile Insights has found many others of interest.

Marketers, advertisers and the broadcasters who serve them will be interested to know that many citizens will be using their devices to save money via couponing. And others will be increasing the amount of time they spend using their device for shopping. Both of these facts can impact how advertising is created and placed.

Here are the top resolutions for which smartphones will be put to use:
* Being on time (calendar/alarms): 74.9%
* Keeping in touch with people: 64.6%
* Budgeting: 48.6%
* Reading more: 41.9%
* Counting calories/eating healthier: 40.6%
* Organization (lists/notes): 40.5%
* Stress relief: 33.9%
* Couponing: 33.1%
* Fitness tracking: 28.0%
* Meeting new people/forming relationships: 21.5%
* Quit smoking: 19.3%
* Other: 1.3%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, Dec-12

And here are the activities consumers plan to increase year over year:
* Spend time with family/friends: 45.6%
* Use free apps: 41.7%
* Communicate with loved ones in person: 40.8%
* Communicate with loved ones using my device: 40.5%
* Spend time using my smartphone/tablet: 34.7%
* Shop on my device: 23.6%
* Use my device to make payments: 23.0%
* Play games on my device: 19.9%
* Integrate my life with my device: 19.3%
* Play sports/outdoor games: 13.9%
* Buy apps: 10.9%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, Dec-12

“Fresh off a holiday season which saw record numbers of consumers headed online, it’s interesting to note that nearly a quarter of Mobile Users are resolving to use their devices more often for shopping and payments,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, BIGinsight. “Clearly, the line between e-commerce and m-commerce will continue to blur into the New Year as the term ‘online shopping’ evolves.”