Smerconish grabs weeknights on 96.9 FM Boston Talks


As part of its new lineup which includes Doug Meehan in afternoons, Greater Media’s WTKK-FM 96.9 Boston Talks is adding Dial-Global’s The Michael Smerconish Program to its daily lineup.  Smerconish, a Philadelphia lawyer-turned-political commentator, can now be heard evenings on 96.9 from 6pm-10pm. WTKK’S weekday lineup is NECN Morning News 4:30a-6am, The Jim & Margery Show 6-10am, Michael Graham 10am-2pm, Doug Meehan 2-6pm, Michael Smerconish 6-10pm, John Batchelor 10p-1am, and John & Jeff 1a-4:30a.