Smirnoff Source unveils new broadcast and banner ads


Smirnoff Source, the new premium beverage offering from Diageo North America that combines pure spring water with alcohol, has launched a new campaign. The multi-million dollar effort features outdoor billboards, :15 and :30 second broadcast spots and online banner ads that give consumers the ability to actually control and interact with the ads. Set to run through the end of August, the television broadcast spots, entitled "Whoo! alright, yeah Uh Huh," and "Smirnoff Source Drink Responsibly," feature a stream of water dancing to the pulsating beats of numerous up and coming artists, including The Rapture and Nextmen. Created by JWT, the spots bring water to life.

The TV ads will run in nine Northeastern states through the end of August, including Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Road Island.

The online banner ads, which will allow consumers to use their mouse to manipulate the dancing water to create unique shapes and patterns of their choosing, will run from July through August and again from October through November. Outdoor billboards featuring a three-dimensional bottle of Smirnoff Source being submerged in water will appear in cities throughout the Northeast beginning in July.

Smirnoff Source is the latest product to be offered as part of Diageo's industry- Progressive Adult Beverage (PAB) category. Other PAB product offerings include Smirnoff Ice premium malt beverage, Smirnoff Raw Tea and Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Tropical Malt beverages.