Snickers takes top SuperBowl spot on TiVo's Top-Ten ad list


TiVo has debuted this year’s top ten Super Bowl ads with the Snicker’s “Logging” ad featuring Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr taking the top spot for engagement. TiVo households watched and re-watched her getting clobbered by a log in the first-half. TiVo assessed viewership relative to the surrounding 15 minutes of programming, so the top moments are not just determined by the highest overall audience which can be a function of not only the spot itself, but also where it falls in the game. TiVo also sound viewers re-watched far more commercials during the less competitive first half as they did in the second, when the game came down to the wire and many were heading off to bed for work the next day.

Best Buy turned to musical icon Ozzy Osbourne and fan-favorite Justin Bieber with its first Super Bowl ad, a space-aged take on the retailer’s “buy back” program, to land the number spot of the game. Doritos, which claimed the highest rated commercial in the 2010 Super Bowl, scored the fifth and seventh highest rated ads of the night with its “The Best Part” and “House Sitting” spots.

Even after 14 million pre-game views online, in-game viewers still wanted to see more of “The Force,” an ad featuring a pint-sized Darth Vader commanding a new Passat to power up. The ad earned the #4 on the list.

The top ten rated commercials of this year’s game according to TiVo were:

1.   Snickers   “Logging”
2.   Best Buy   “Bieber and Ozzy”
3.   Pepsi Max   “Love Hurts”
4.   Volkswagen Passat   “The Force”
5.   Doritos   “The Best Part”
6.   Teleflora   “Help me Faith”
7.   Doritos   “House Sitting”
8.   E*Trade   “Tailor”
9.   Cruze Eco   “Misunderstanding”
10.   Bridgestone   “Carma”

The most watched moment of the game this year was by far and away Roethlisberger’s last incomplete pass in the final minute of the fourth quarter to Mike Wallace giving Green Bay the Championship title.

This info was prepared using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data about how TiVo subscribers watched the game, and was determined by not just the most viewed commercials, but also the most engaging ads throughout the game.

RBR-TVBR observation: One trend that we saw: Three beverage/alcohol ads (including Pepsi Max and Bud Light) had their products thrown violently at people: in their heads and groin. The Doritos “The Best Part” ad with the finger licking of cheese dust off a co-worker’s hand and off the pants of another co-worker was in bad taste, no pun intended. We were very impressed with the Chrysler 200 ad with Eminem and Detroit (the beginning of its campaign). That was compelling.