Soda Springs deal leaves paper trail


SoldThe trail isn’t at the FCC per se, at least not in the Commission’s electronic files were we go to access it. No, the deal for KBRV-AM involves seller paper.

The station is part of the Idaho Falls-Pocatello market.

The seller is Flash Broadcasting LLC. Franklyn Vilt is its managing member.

The buyer is Old West Media Inc., headed by Val Cook.

The deal is valued at $110,500, and is entirely covered by a promissory note. Essentially, buyer will be taking over certain payments attached to the station. This includes two loans financed by Caribou Broadcasting, money to purchase a repeater license and equipment for translator, and refinancing of business loan carried by Flash.

KBRV-AM is a Class D on 800 kHz with 10 kW-D, 150 W-N, ND.

Old West owns KASL-AM Newcastle WY and has LMAs with KNYN-FM Fort Bridger WY and KADQ-FM Evanston WY. None of them have any contour overlap with KBRV.